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General Information


The English language Programme is developed to enhance the employability and to improve proficiency of English. It is developed on the Common European Framework (Level A1 to C 2).  SCOPE’s OAS (Open Assessment Scheme) will be used for college students. It is decided to implement only A1 to B1 Level for the said certificate course. The certificate will be issued after successful completion of thirty hours and OAS test. Each level covers the following learning areas: listening, reading, speaking and grammar.

Entry Level

Std. 12 Pass and above

Duration : 30 Hrs.

Description of course contact

Unit: 1                                                                                                          




The listening section is designed to enhance students’ comprehension of aural input through

exposure to a variety of listening segments (video-clips, television shows, radio programs, voicemail messages, etc.)


The reading section is designed to expose students to different text types (stories, ads, letters, postcards and articles) with emphasis on reading strategies: guessing words from context indentifying main idea, keywords, etc.

Unit:215 Hours



The Speaking section consists of real life dialogues set in everyday situations, with an emphasis on functional language for daily use.

Writing and Grammar :

  • The Grammar section introduces the grammatical structures in context and provides practice in them. Animated, humorous examples illustrate the use of the grammatical structures and facilitate their acquisition. Explanations and examples are also provided.
  • The students will do the practices for writing on unseen topics.

Smt.R.R.H.Patel Mahila Arts College,Vijapur

Details of SCOPE Exam conducted in DELL lab

Year Date of Exam Total no of exam conducted yearly Registered no of students under SCIPE exam
2011 21/11/2011 to 26/11/2011 298 298
2012 28/08/2012 to 01/09/2012 Provided DELL for other students 03 BULATS 03 BULATS
2013 12/03/2013 to 15/03/2013 21/04/2013 206 CPT 13 BULATS 205 CPT 13 BULATS
2014 28/02/2014 to 01/03/2014 156 156
2015 23/03/2015 to 24/03/2015 133 133
2016 89
2017 11/03/2017 90 97
2018 09/03/2018 71 71
2019 28/05/2019 91 105
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