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Code of Conduct

विद्ययाऽमृतमश्नुते - विध्या से अमरत्व की प्राप्ति होती है - Immortality is gained from learning

All employees of the institution are governed and hence should abide by the rules and regulations of the U G C, University, State Government and Management.

The Principal

  • The Principal of the institution must possess and display honesty, fairness, objectivity, supportiveness while planning and executing the vision and mission of the College
  • The Principal should take appropriate and timely action as and when required
  • The Principal should administer and lead by example

Teaching Staff

  • Teachers must conduct themselves as role models for students and community
  • Teachers must maintain academic integrity and professional ethics
  • Teachers must pursue academic excellence primarily for the benefit of the students and common good
  • Teachers should take up research projects and participate in academic excellence
  • Teachers must participate in academic, co-curricular and organizational activities assigned to them
  • In matters of punctuality and academic responsibilities teachers must lead by example

Administrative Staff

  • Administrative staff should maintain mutual courtesy while dealing with students
  • Administrative staff should coordinate their responsibilities in such a manner so as to support teaching learning activity
  • Administrative staff should coordinate with the University and state government offices as per the guidance of the Principal
  • Administrative staff should maintain punctuality in performing their duties

For Students

Consistent with its Mission and Vision Smt R R H Patel Mahila Arts College Vijapur requires all students studying in the institute to act as responsible citizens and members of higher education academic community. It will be the responsibility of each student to know the ‘College Code of Conduct for students’ and conduct accordingly. The students of the institution are required to abide by all the rules, policies, and regulations of the institution. All admitted students are automatically placed under the guidelines and policies of the institution, mentioned on the college website.

Students must do:

  1. Treat all members of the College community with courtesy
  2. Respect the values and rights of other people
  3. Behave as responsible citizens
  4. Attend all sessions 
  5. Maintain requisite attendance
  6. Complete and submit all assignments in time
  7. Bring your ID to college and show it to any member of the college staff, if demanded
  8.  Use mobile phones and technology to aid learning with diligence and for academic purpose only, on campus
  9.  Maintain discipline and academic alacrity
  10. Avoid vehicles on designated days
  11. Avoid inappropriate behaviour with fellow students and juniors
  12. Ragging in any form is prohibited and will be severely dealt with, according to the rules formulated by U G C 
  13. Avoid ‘single use plastic’ on campus
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